Las Vegas Shooting Victims’ Names and Photos

some of the 59 shooting victims in las vegas
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Aregistered nurse who sacrificed his life to save his wife. A veteran of the war in Afghanistan whose last Facebook post, from July, starts, “What’s it like being shot at?” A beloved special education teacher. A grandmother of five who died in the arms of her husband of 32 years. A high school secretary described as a “beautiful person.” A college student with a “huge heart” who overcame previous health issues. An off-duty cop who wrote a book called “Memoirs of a Public Servant.” These are just some of the 59 people who died in Las Vegas during the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

You will find a photo and bio for each of the deceased victims below as they become available. There were also at least 527 other people injured when the 64-year-old gunman armed with at least 23 firearms unleashed a barrage of bullets from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay onto a crowd of thousands of concert-goers who were attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

More of the shooting victims.

More of the shooting victims. Each is profiled later in this story.

Police said the gunman was found dead in the Mandalay Bay hotel room that he used to stage the shooting; it’s believed he killed himself. Despite widespread reports that there were possibly multiple shooters, police said that the shooter was a lone wolf who acted alone. The shooter was identified as Stephen Craig Paddock, a 64-year-old retired, divorced accountant who lived in a retirement community in Mesquite. His motive remains unclear; horrifically, he killed his victims in the most indiscriminate and impersonal way possible, from a far above hotel window


The traumatic scene unfolded as crowds gathered to watch the concert with Jason Aldean performing (Aldean is reportedly fine and not among the victims). Photos and videos showed bloodied people lying on the ground, and people fleeing the scene in panic. Police dispatch audio captured the urgent nature of the tragedy as police rushed from hotel to hotel on the Las Vegas strip investigating cascading reports of other shootings, explosives, and people sheltering. However, the only shootings confirmed were at the Route 91 concert.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to raise money for the victims. You can make a donation here. Some of the injured are still fighting for their lives.

Here are the deceased victims identified so far:

Chris Roybal

Chris Roybal survived deployment to Afghanistan, only to die while watching a concert at home. He eloquently wrote about his service overseas and the challenges that came with it.

One man wrote on Facebook, “Chris Roybal died last night in Las Vegas. As you can see he served in the 25th and 4th Infantry Divisions in Afghanistan… Sad he honorably served his country against a foreign enemy only to be shot… Sad he honorably served his country against a foreign enemy only to be shot down by a coward back here in the USA… RIP Chris… I never knew you but proud to have served in the same military as you…”

Facebook Chris Roybal

Roybal’s last Facebook post that is publicly visible dates to July. It is rather eerie – and incredibly moving – in retrospect. He wrote:

What’s it like being shot at?”

A question people ask because it’s something that less that 1% of our American population will ever experience. Especially one on a daily basis. My response has always been the same, not one filled with a sense of pride or ego, but an answer filled with truth and genuine fear/anger. *which by the way, go hand in hand*

Depending on my level of intoxication, I respond with nothing short of the truth from first hand experience. Entering with what our national News channels would report at the time as ‘the deadliest place on earth’ I was excited for my first taste of what real combat would be. What it would be like to be a real gunfighter in the modern day Wild Wild West. My first fight was something I never will forget.

Finishing up what was supposed to be a quick 4-hour foot patrol, I remember placing my hand on the Stryker and telling Bella how well she did. Hearing the most distinct sounds of a whip cracking and pinging of metal off of the vehicle I just had my hand resting on is something that most see in movies.

I remember that first day, not sure how to feel. It was never fear, to be honest, mass confusion. Sensory overload…followed by the most amount of natural adrenaline that could never be duplicated through a needle. I was excited, angry and manic. Ready to take on what became normal everyday life in the months to follow. Taking on the fight head on, grabbing the figurative ‘Bull by the horns’.

Unfortunately, as the fights continue and as they as increase in numbers and violence, that excitement fades and the anger is all that’s left. The anger stays, long after your friends have died, the lives you’ve taken are buried and your boots are placed neatly in a box in some storage unit. Still covered in the dirt you’ve refused to wash off for fear of forgetting the most raw emotions you as a human being will ever feel again.

What’s it like to be shot at? It’s a nightmare no amount of drugs, no amount of therapy and no amount of drunk talks with your war veteran buddies will ever be able to escape.

One man wrote on Roybal’s comment thread, after news broke that Roybal was among the Las Vegas victims:

“A group of us (all police officers and some war vets) are in Nevada for a training conference. I was tagged in this post and read it aloud to our group. Knowing what we know now we couldn’t help but tear up, hide behind our drinks, and walk out of the room. God Bless you for your service to our country. It’s difficult to accept that you fought overseas for our country only to be killed by a coward when you came home.”

Roybal’s mother was at the concert, but she couldn’t get to him, and she says he was celebrating his birthday:


Sonny Melton, 29, of Tennessee

Sonny Melton, right, with his wife, Heather.

Sonny Melton, of Paris, Tennessee, was the first victim of the shooting to be identified, WZTV reports. Melton was at the Las Vegas concert with his wife, and she told the news station he saved her life while sacrificing his own.

“At this point, I’m in complete disbelief and despair. I don’t know what to say. Sonny was the most kind-hearted, loving man I have ever met. He saved my life and lost his,” Heather Gulish Melton said in a statement to the news station. She told WSMV-TV, “He saved my life. He grabbed me and started running when I felt him get shot in the back. I want everyone to know what a kind-hearted, loving man he was, but at this point, I can barely breathe.”

Sonny Melton worked as a registered nurse at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital in Jackson, Tennessee in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU), according to his Facebook profile. He previously worked as a financial advisor, graduating from the University of Tennessee at Martin with a finance degree in 2010. He went back to school and earned his nursing degree from Union University in 2015. He was a 2006 graduate of Big Sandy High School in Big Sandy, Tennessee.

Union University said on Facebook,

“Our hearts go out to the family of Sonny Melton, a 2015 Union University graduate who was killed in the Las Vegas shooting yesterday. Sonny completed his Bachelor of Science in Nursing Accelerated degree from Union and was president of his BSNA class. He worked in the emergency department at Henry County Medical Center and was attending the country music festival in Las Vegas with his wife, Heather Gulish Melton.”

Christy Davis, assistant professor of nursing at the school, said, “You know how when you met someone and you just know that they’re good and kind? That was Sonny. He just had a sweet, kind spirit about him.”

A co-worker, Victoria Peyton Dowd, wrote on Facebook, “Terribly saddened to learn we lost one of our ER nurses from HCMC in the tragedy that took place in Las Vegas. My heart aches for Sonny Melton, his wife and family, and our HCMC family. You never think about things like this happening to someone you know, much less someone from your work family. Sonny was such an amazing person and an amazing nurse. I’m thankful I had the pleasure of knowing such an awesome man.”


Quinton Robbins, 20, of Henderson, Nevada

Quinton Robbins

Quinton Robbins, 20, of Henderson, Nevada, has been identified as one of the victims killed in the shooting. His aunt, Kilee Wells Sanders, wrote on Facebook, “With an incredibly heavy heart. My sweetest nephew has passed away. He was the most kind and loving soul. Everyone who met him, loved him. His contagious laugh and smile. He was truly an amazing person. He will be missed by so many, he is loved by so many. So many awesome talents. I can’t say enough good about this sweet soul. Because of the gospel and plan of salvation I have faith we will be with him again.”

Sanders added, “Quinton Robbins, I, and your entire family will miss you so much everyday. Always will be thinking about you. Please pray & be there for his parents Tracey Wells Robbins and siblings at this time.”

Quinton Robbins with his girlfriend


According to his Facebook page, Robbins was a student at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV) and graduated from Basic High School in Henderson. He worked as a recreational assistant for the city of Henderson.

Another aunt, Doreen Hawk-Wells, wrote on Facebook,

“It is with a heavy heart that I post this. My beautiful nephew, Quinton Robbins age 20, was killed at the concert in Vegas last night. He was an amazing young man who had a huge heart and would do anything for anyone. He overcame health issues and did not let them interfere with living his life to the fullest. Please pray for our family, especially his parents and siblings. I can’t begin to imagine how they will deal with this. I love them with all my heart and wish I could take all the hurt and pain away.”

Las Vegas Police Officer Charleston Hartfield, 34

Las Vegas police officer Charleston Hartfield.

An off-duty Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer, 34-year-old Charleston Hartfield, is among the victims killed in the Route 91 concert shooting, his friends tell the Review-Journal.

Hartfield, a military veteran and youth football coach, was known as Charles or Chucky, his friends said.

“I don’t know a better man than Charles,” Troy Rhett told the newspaper. “They say it’s always the good ones we lose early. There’s no truer statement than that with Charles. … Our hearts have just been very heavy since hearing the news.”

Another friend, Stan King, told the newspaper, Hartfield was “seriously one of the nicest guys ever” and “the most true-blue American guy I’ve ever met.”

Allen Rhett wrote on Facebook,

“To my very good friend Charleston Hartfield and his family. You will be missed so much as you are the symbol of what it means to be a great person, friend, husband, father and Coach. Chucky, you were one of the best people I have ever known and I think I speak for many when I say my heart is heavy with sorrow. I will always continue to love you and your family even if you are no longer here with us. My brother, my friend.”


Hartfield recently published a book, “Memoirs of a Public Servant.” It is described on Amazon as, “Documenting the thoughts, feelings, and interactions of one Police Officer in the busiest and brightest city in the world, Las Vegas. This memoir takes you through the personal interactions experienced by a Police Officer with not only the community he seeks to serve but with his partners and their personalities. Some calls are over in an instant while others stick with you forever. Take a sneak peek into this Pandora’s box and see if perception really is reality.”



Jordan McIldoon, 23, of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

Jordan McIldoon

Jordan McIldoon, 23 of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, is one of two Canadians killed in the concert shooting, the CBC reports. A woman who was at the scene, Heather Gooze, wrote on Facebook that McIldoon died in her arms, the news network reports. His parents confirmed their son’s death.

“We only had one child,” Al and Angela McIldoon told the CBC. “We just don’t know what to do.”

Gooze wrote Sunday morning,

“Friends and family, I am ok. I am right outside of the festival grounds. We are not allowed to go anywhere. I am with a young man who died in my arms! RIP Jordan mcildoon from British Columbia. I can’t believe this just happened!!!”

McIldoon’s girlfriend was also with him at the scene, his parents said. They told the CBC that their son grew up on the family acreage in Maple Ridge and was a “self-described cowboy boot, tattoo-covered redneck who loved the outdoors.” According to his Facebook page, McIldoon went to Thomas Haney Secondary School and worked as a heavy duty mechanic at Jacob Bros Construction. His parents told the CBC he was set to begin trade school.

A friend, Julia Vickers, wrote on Facebook, “You were a great guy in high school, a pain in the ass too. You made my first two years in high school worthwhile. You were always a friend later, someone I could count on. My heart breaks for your girlfriend, friends and family. My thoughts are with them. I lost touch with Jordan, but he was the greatest kid who had the funniest laugh. I’ll cherish the moments we shared. ❤️ Rest easy my friend. I can’t believe this has happened to you. I’m at lost for words.”

He would have turned 24 on Friday.


Jessica Klymchuk, 28, of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Jessica Klymchuk


28-year-old Jessica Klymchuk of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, was killed while visiting Las Vegas with her fiance, My Grand Prairie Now reports. Klymchuk was originally from Valleyview, Alberta, and worked for the local Catholic school district.

“It is with shock and sadness that we confirm the loss of a Holy Family Catholic Regional Division staff member. An Educational Assistant, Librarian and Bus Driver for St. Stephen’s School in Valleyview, was one of the victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday evening. The scope of this tragedy is worldwide and we are feeling its impact here at home,” Superintendent Betty Turpin said in a statement. “The District will be continuing to support our entire school family. We will have crisis support in place immediately and as long as is needed. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family, as well as all the families affected by this unimaginable attack.”

Klymchuk was in Las Vegas with her fiance, Brent Irla, according to her family. She is also survived by her four children. Irla posted a touching photo of Klymchuk on Facebook last week, writing, “You and me together is my favourite place to be.”

Klymchuk and Irla.

She wrote back,

” I get lost in your smile and the look in your eyes takes me to a place most only dream about. Brent you are heaven sent. You are my one and only, You’re one of a kind ❤”

Adrian Murfitt, 35, of Anchorage, Alaska

Adrian Murfitt

Adrian Murfitt, 35, of Anchorage, Alaska, was identified as one of the victims by his mother, the Anchorage Daily News reports. He had recently finished a summer of commercial fishing.

Murfitt died in the arms of his best friend, Brian MacKinnon.

“We were taking a picture and it went through his neck,” said MacKinnon told the newspaper. “There’s a lot of amazing people — there was nurses, doctors, firemen. Everybody who was at that concert really jumped on it, did everything they could. We just couldn’t save him.”

MacKinnon wrote on Facebook,

“Sadly, he died in my arms.”

Murfitt played hockey at Dimond High School, his mother told the newspaper.

MacKinnon told the Anchorage Daily News that the two friends decided three weeks ago to go to the show. He said Murfitt was pretty much the “best dude” ever.

“He was always happy. He was always there for his friends,” MacKinnon told the newspaper. “He was always down to help you with a project. He was smart, talented, funny as hell. He was just a top-notch friend.”

Lisa Romero-Muniz, 48, Gallup, New Mexico

Lisa Romero-Muniz was a high school secretary remembered for her love of family.

“A candlelight vigil will be held for the late Miyamura High School Discipline Secretary Lisa Romero at 8 pm. 680 Boardman Ave.,” a post on Facebook read.

Romero’s cousin Ashley Romero told The Huffington Post that Lisa was a “happy-go-lucky person.”

“She loved her kids and husband. And for this to happen so senselessly. It’s a heartbreaking day for us all,” she said to the site.

Romero-Muniz was from Gallup.


Michael Gabaldon wrote,
“RIP our dear Cousin, Lisa Romero. ? She was a very beautiful person,inside and out. I will miss you very much.”

“Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Lisa Romero. Our thoughts and prayers also go out to her coworkers and the students of Miyamura High School during this difficult time. Lisa died last night during the mass shooting in Las Vegas, NV,” said a post from Gallup Sun Publishing.

According to KRQE, “A friend of Lisa’s says she was a sweet and beautiful woman who worked with kids and who a lot of students looked up to.”

Sandy Casey, 35, Redondo Beach

Sandy Casey

Sandy Casey was a Southern California special education teacher, according to The Daily Beast.

The news site wrote that Casey’s partner, Christopher Willemse, posted this message about her death: “The love and support that she and I have received during these trying times just shows how important this wonderful woman truly was. She lived life to the fullest and made me the happiest man in the world. I’m so grateful for the kind words and gestures, it means the world to me, especially for her.”

The school where Casey worked released this press release on her death:

School officials confirmed Casey’s death. “… we have received information that one of our MBMS Special Education teachers, Sandy Casey (formerly Sandy McDermott), was fatally wounded. This is unbelievably sad and tragic,” Superintendent Mike Matthews wrote, according to The Daily Breeze.


Rachael Parker, 33, Manhattan Beach PD

Rachael Parker in a photo from the Manhattan Beach Police Department


Rachael Parker started out as a meter maid and worked her way up to her job as a police records technician, according to; her mother says she was “brilliant and had a heart of gold,” adding that Rachael “volunteered with the homeless and elderly.”

Manhattan Beach Police DepartmentRachael Parker in a photo from the Manhattan Beach Police Department.

According to CBS News, Parker “worked for the Manhattan Beach Police Department for 10 years” and was “a police records technician with the department for 10 years.”


Rachael “Parker was among two employees from California’s Manhattan Beach Police Department who were shot, according to a police press release. Parker, a records technician, died in the hospital, police said,” .



Angie Gomez, 20

Angela Gomez


Loved ones who knew Angela “Angie” Gomez have created a GoFundMe page in her memory, and they remembered her for her “warm heart and loving spirit.”

Riverside Polytechnic High School PTSA confirmed 2015 alumnus, Angie Gomez, was killed in the Las Vegas shooting last night.

“It is with deepest sadness and absolute shock that we mourn the loss of Poly Cheer Alumni, Angela Gomez,” the page says. “Angie was a member of the Class of 2015. She was a cheerful young lady with a warm heart and loving spirit. Angie’s life was cut short when she succombed (sic) to injuires sustained in the Las Vegas Route 91 shooting. This senseless act of violence has rocked our Poly Cheer and Song family.”

The page asks people to keep Angie’s family in their thoughts “and celebrate the life of a young woman who has gone home too soon. We love you, Angie.”


Susan Smith, 53

BREAKING: Simi Valley Unified School Dist confirms one of their office managers Susan Smith was killed in Las Vegas mass shooting.

Susan Smith, a mother of two, was an office manager at the Simi Valley Unified School District, according to FOX LA.

Smith had worked for the district since 2001 and was “described as the heart of the school,” Ventura County Star reported.

The newspaper added, “Smith, an ardent country music fan, was a popular figure at Vista Elementary School, where she worked for three years.”

Vista PTA described Susan Smith as an advocate for children, writing, “Our hearts are full of sorrow for the passing of Susan Smith. She was a wonderful woman, an advocate for our children, and a friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.”

The comment thread filled with tributes to Smith.

“She will be truly missed, I worked with her closely on so many activities over the years. Saw her everyday, she was patient, kind and a wonderful person. She was so sweet always with all our kids. We will miss her terribly. I took this picture and this is how she was everyday!! Her smile was contagious. Praying for her and her family through this terrible tragedy. ?” wrote one woman in a comment indicative of many.

Bailey Schweitzer, 20, Bakersfield

I met Bailey a hand full of times on the West Coast and she was a great kid with a future. Thoughts and prayers to the Schweitzer family.

17News reported that Bailey’s family had confirmed her death, saying that “Schweitzer graduated from Centennial High School in 2015” in Bakersfield.

One friend wrote on Facebook, “Bailey Schweitzer was and IS so incredibly loved! Bailey was a victim of the shootings in Las Vegas. Here are some of her senior portraits from two years ago to put a lovely face to the name. If you would like to donate a meal (or financially donate) to the Schweitzer family during this difficult time you may do so at the link below…PLEASE NOTE: At this time we are unsure of when the Schweitzer’s will be returning to Bakersfield from Las Vegas, but we would like to have meals on standby for when they do return home. I know their community runs deep and wide and we want to rally around the Schweitzer family during this time.”

Another woman wrote, “For those who knew Bailey Schweitzer, her Infinity work family will be holding a candle light vigual in memory of her. All are welcomed. We will be doing this at 6:30pm. Infinity Communications 4909 Calloway Dr Suite 102 We love you Bailey and our work will never be the same! ???”

Melissa Ramirez, 28

My stepdad’s cousin is missing ‼️ Her name is Melissa Ramirez and is in her late 20s. Help us find her please‼️

For family members of Melissa Ramirez, there was an arduous drive to Las Vegas to find out what happened to her.

“Family members of 28-year-old Melissa Ramirez started driving from California to Nevada early Monday morning when they heard about the Las Vegas shooting and could not reach her. Shortly after, they received a call from a friend who was also at the concert informing them that Ramirez had died,” according to Buzzfeed.

A cousin told Buzzfeed that Ramirez was always positive and happy and said she was “the person in the family who everyone looked forward to seeing.”

Carrie Barnette, 34

Carrie Barnette

Carrie Barnette worked at Disneyland in Anaheim as a cast member at the Pacific Wharf Cafe in Disney California Adventure. Disney CEO Robert Iger tweeted: “A senseless, horrific, act, and a terrible loss for so many. We mourn a wonderful member of the Disney family: Carrie Barnette. Tragic.”

Barnette I will miss randomly sending you pictures of hummingbirds because because I know how much they reminded you of you’re grandpa. I known you since the 4th grade and I will miss you….” wrote one. “You didn’t deserve to go out like this this none of the victims in this Las Vegas tragedy deserved this. I am am extremely mad and heart broken.”

Carrie Barnette

Another friend wrote,

“I love you, thank you for everything you’ve done for me and my family. you will truly be missed. but no matter what you’re always here with us. rest in peace angel.”



Rhonda LeRocque, 42, Tewksbury, Massachusetts


Rhonda LeRocque was 42-years-old and from Tewksbury, Massachusetts. Her mother confirmed she had died to NECN news outlet.


Her grandmother told WBZ that Rhonda was the “most marvelous person you ever met in your life.”

“She was the heart and soul of our family.” Las Vegas victim Rhonda LeRocque grew up in Lowell and lived in Tewksbury.

Her mother, Priscilla Champagne said

“ in an interview with CNN that Rhonda was “a truly great mother, daughter, wife, aunt, sister, worker, and a good, kindhearted friend. She had a great faith in Jehovah God, and had a wonderful family life. She loved Hawaii, Disney, and country music.”

Denise Burditus, 50, Martinsburg, W.V.

Las Vegas shooting victim Denise Burditus, mom of 2 and grandma of 5, died in the arms of her husband of 32 years

Denise Burditus, a “mom of 2 and grandma of 5, died in the arms of her husband of 32 years,” reported The Trace. Her Facebook page says she was “semi-retired.”

Her husband, Tony Burditus, wrote on his Facebook page:

“It saddens me to say that I lost my wife of 32 years, a mother of two, soon to be grandmother of five this evening in the Las Vegas shooting. Denise passed in my arms. I LOVE YOU BABE.”


— SweetD (@DeniseBurditus) October 2, 2017

Denise had posted a photo on social media of the couple at the concert before the shooting occurred.

“They were both originally from the Hedgesville area and graduated from Hedgesville High. One family member described them as high school sweethearts,”



Hannah Ahlers, 35, Murrieta, California

On September 27, Hannah Ahlers updated her profile picture on Facebook to bear the words, “I stand for the flag. I kneel at the cross.” She also posted a tribute to 911 victims.

Ahlers was a “35-year-old mother of three from Murrieta, California,” according to ABC News.

Hannah Ahlers


A friend wrote on Facebook of Hannah, “I lost a friend in Vegas. Hannah Ahlers you were a kind and loving person who will be greatly missed. ? Give the people you love a hug and tell them that you love them.” Another friend wrote, “Leaving behind a loving husband and three children. You will be missed Hannah Ahlers. You’re family is in my prayers.”

Jenny Parks

Jenny Parks and her husband

A GoFundMe site has been launched for the family of Jenny Parks, whose husband was also injured in the shooting. He survived, but she didn’t make it.

The woman who started the page wrote,

“This morning I heard the tragic news that my former 24 Hour Fitness co-worker Bobby had been shot in the tragic Las Vegas Mass Shooting. While he is thankfully okay, his beloved wife Jenny did not survive. I can’t even imagine what their family is going through and want to try to help in any way possible. I am starting this fund to help assist with funeral expenses for his wife Jenny and also any medical assistance he may need as I am uncertain as the extent of his injuries. Anything helps and is greatly appreciated. Please share and lets support Bobby during this difficult time.”

A man who knew Parks posted a photo of the couple at the concert on Facebook and wrote,

“This was the last thing I received from a friend I met at the festival. Her name was Jenny Parks. A kindergarten teacher from California. She is survived by her two kids, husband, two brothers and parents. In the 3 days she hung at my bar she had a bright personality and always had a smile on her face. I feel grateful and blessed someone could come into my life for even for a short period and graze me with her presence. Rest easy Jenny #heavencalledbackanangel #prayforjenny #prayforlasvegas.”


Jennifer Topaz Irvine, 42, San Diego, California

A friend of Jennifer wrote on Facebook, “Our dear friend, Jennifer Topaz Irvine was one of the victims of the crazy, lunatic terrorist that took the lives of at least 59 other people and wounded over 500 in Las Vegas yesterday. She was one of the brightest shining stars and a true Angel who helped us when times are very difficult for a family. We love you Jennifer and we will always remember you. Rest in peace. ????”

On Facebook, Jennifer Topaz Irvine wrote that she was the owner of a law firm in her own name; she was a criminal defense and family law attorney. She started working at the San Diego, California firm in 2012. Her bio on LinkedIn reads, “Jennifer T. Irvine began her legal career as litigator. Jennifer’s wide-range of experience working in class actions, complex civil litigation, and criminal defense, has established her as a zealous advocate for her clients. Jennifer founded her own boutique firm representing clients with various family law issues, including child custody and dissolution of marriage in Family Court, and defending clients facing misdemeanor and felony charges in both State and Federal Criminal Court. As the principal attorney of a boutique law firm, Jennifer provides a hands-on approach to her cases.”

It adds, “Jennifer has a genuine passion for assisting clients during what can be an extremely difficult and overwhelming time in their lives. Jennifer puts her clients’ interests first. She works to find creative settlements; however, she is also a tenacious litigator who strives to achieve the best outcome for her clients. Outside of the courtroom, Jennifer has a variety of interests: she earned a black-belt in Taekwon-do, enjoys practicing hot yoga, is an avid snowboarder. In this upcoming year, she aspires to learn indoor rock climbing and to experience sky-diving.”

According to LawNewz, Jennifer Irvine “provided legal analysis for the Adrian Loya murder trial” for the site.

Dana Gardner, 52, Grand Terrace, California

According to KPCC, “Dana Gardner, 52, was a deputy recorder-county clerk in the San Bernardino County Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk’s office, and lived in Grand Terrace.” Gardner’s daughter, Kayla, confirmed the news on Facebook.

“I am deeply saddened to say that my beautiful Mom has passed away as a result of the shooting at Route 91 in Las Vegas last night. We are devastated and still in shock trying to comprehend what happened last night. My family and I appreciate the outpouring of love and support and ask for prayers at this time ❤️ thank you Dana Gardner I love you!” she wrote.

Dana Gardner and her daughter

A family friend has established a GoFundMe page for the Gardner family. It reads, “Hi this is Ivonne and Max we’re friends of the Gardner family since high school. We are organizing this gofundme account for the Gardner family. The Gardner family’s mother Dana, was unfortunately a victim of the senseless Route91 festival shooting.”

Kayla was at the concert too, the page said, and Dana was about to be a grandmother.

“Dana and her daughter Kayla were there to have a good time. Dana’s son Ryan is expecting his first baby this month. A time for them to celebrate a new life coming into this world will now be hindered by the loss of their mom’s life. The donations will aid the Gardner family with whatever hospital bills and funeral costs they may incur. Ryan will be added as a beneficiary and will receive all donations directly. Please donate what you can and share ❤️ .”

Thomas Day, Jr., 54, Riverside, California

According to The Los Angeles Times, “Day lived in Riverside and worked as a home builder. His father, who lives in the Las Vegas area, said he received a phone call about 11 p.m. Sunday telling him that his son was among those killed at the concert. Now he and his grandchildren grieve together.”

“His kids are with me right now. They’re crushed,” Day’s father said, according to The Times, which reported that Day’s four adult children were at the concert with him.

John Phippen, 57, Valencia, California


One minute John Phippen was dancing with his son, and the next minute, he was being carried to a car, fatally wounded.

There is a GoFundMe site to help John Phippen’s children. According to SignalCV, “John Phippen ran a home remodelling and repair company in Valencia called J P Specialities.”

According to The Los Angeles Times,

“He was dancing next to his son, Travis, at the country music festival in Las Vegas when he was struck by a bullet in the lower back. Travis, an emergency medical technician, carried his father to a car” that rushed to the hospital, but it was too late.

“Today, we lost an amazing, wonderful, selfless, sweet soul of man to a sensless act of violence in the Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting,”

it reads.

“My name is Leah Nagyivanyi and I was a Santa Clarita neighbor and a friend of John’s for 17+ years. My husband Paul and John had become very close over the past three years. All of us spending time in the Sand Dunes, Havasu and doing lots of beach camping. We intertwined many of our friends and to say we are devastated by this loss is an understatement. If you didn’t know John you surely missed out. He had a heart that was larger than life and a personality to match. You felt like you knew him for years the first time you met him. He was a simple man who enjoyed the simple things in life and having fun doing them.”

Phippen was remembered as a man who “had your back from the moment he met you and by having your back that could mean, having a cold beer in your hand when yours was empty or if you needed help with your car or in our case, your sandrail, your house or you just needed to chill. Even if you were someone he had never met before but were in need, he was there for you.”

John Phippen

The GoFundMe page added,

“This is a man who loved his family and his friends as if they were family. It is unfortunate to say he left alot behind. John has five children and one grandson of which he absolutely adored. His youngest daughter is only 14 and who lost her Mom only 3 short years ago. It is a tragedy to lose your father and mother both at such a young age. They need our help with some of the expenses involved in laying him to rest and picking up the pieces of their lives that have been shattered by this tragedy.”

Neysa Tonks, 46, Las Vegas

Neysa Tonks

.A mother of three who worked for a computer software company, Neysa Tonks was remembered as “a very nice woman who was full of life and energy,” said her former church counselor Tracy Downey to the Review Journal. “All she was doing was enjoying her life and celebrating with friends when a madman opened fired as if he were playing a video game.”

The company Technologent wrote in a statement,

“The Technologent family lost one of our own in this tragedy. A great mother, colleague and friend, Neysa Tonks. She leaves behind three boys – Kaden, Braxton and Greysen. Neysa has brought so much joy, fun and laughter to Technologent – she will be greatly missed by all!”

Neysa was a global account executive for the company in Las Vegas, according to LinkedIn.

The company has set up a GoFundMe site to help Neysa’s family. Neysa was from Salt Lake City, Utah, according to her Facebook page. Her photos show her with family and friends.

Kurt Von Tillow, 55, Cameron Park, California

The “ultimate patriot.”

That’s how those who knew and loved Kurt Von Tillow described him to KCRA 3.

According to the television station, “Friends and family gathered at the Cameron Park Country Club Monday to mourn and remember Tillow. They led a procession of golf carts from the club, to which he belonged, to his home. Outside Tillow’s backyard, family created a memorial with flowers and American flags.” Two of his family members were also wounded in the attack, the television station reported.

Erick Silva, 22, Las Vegas

A friend of Erick Silva’s looked in his room after his death, looked at his belongings, and contemplated how they now represent memories.

Erick Silva

Distraught friends have posted tributes to Erick Silva on Facebook. “RIP ERICK SILVA !!!!! YOU WERE AN AMAZING PERSON MAN!!!” wrote one. On Facebook, Silva wrote that he lived in Las Vegas and was from Los Angeles.

A woman wrote, “R.I.P. ERICK SILVA. my friend and neighbor we will miss you. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS.”

FacebookErick Silva.

Another friend wrote, “Rest easy brother everyone is devasted u were a good person doing everything and anything u could for ppl not one second did i think this would happened to you its really sad. i looked in your room and all ur stuff is there you may be gone brother but ur memories are with us all we love you good bye for now but not forever rest in heaven brother.”

Brennan Stewart, 30, Las Vegas

Rest In Peace Brennan Stewart??

— mel??? (@melaniejjjade) October 3, 2017

This is how Brennan Stewart described himself on Facebook: “Atlanta Braves. Family. Friends. Country music. Singing. Playing guitar. Hunting. Motocross.” A friend remembered him as “a hell of a cowboy.”

“The worst text message came through on my phone a little bit ago…. RIP Brennan Stewart I love you brother, we have lost a brother, an uncle, a son , and one hell of a human being! You will always be on my mind B-Doggy! Love you bro, until we see each other again…” wrote a loved one on Facebook.

Another friend wrote, “I’m at a loss for words and can’t wrap my head around any of this ☹️ we have unfortunately lost one hell of a cowboy @brennanleestewart !!!! I’m grateful for my recent trip back home where we got to have some cold beers…while chatting about some amazing memories we’ve made over the past 10 years! you were that brother I never had growing up B!”

Family members were searching for Brennan after the mass shooting but received tragic news. “We lost a great man today! Rest in peace Brennan Stewart! You were a big brother to me! You will be missed,” a friend wrote.

Jack Beaton, 54, Bakersfield

Photos from Facebook of father and husband who took the bullet for his wife and later passed away at a hospital in #LasVegas

— Jada Montemarano (@JadaMontemarano) October 2, 2017

Jack Beaton was a “father and husband who took the bullet for his wife and later passed away at a hospital,” ABC News reporter Jade Montemarano reported.

His son called him a “true hero,” writing, “If every1 could please pray for my dad and every1 else at the rout 91 he jumped in front of my mom and got shot. I love youdad #atruehero.”

If every1 could please pray for my dad and every1 else at the rout 91 he jumped in front of my mom and got shot. I love youdad

— Jabroni (@BeatonJakeOff) October 2, 2017

“Lost my best friend. I love you so much more then you could ever imagine. Please watch over our family. You will forever be remembered as our hero! #atruehero,” Jake Tucker Beaton wrote, posting a heartbreaking photo montage tribute to his dad.

A man on the comment thread responded, “Jake, Your father was a great and honorable man, a friend and team mate. A man loyal and true to his ways, truly a legend Jack is loved and will be missed by so many. Sincere prayers from our family to yours in this time and on.”

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Austin Davis

RT! Anyone in Vegas help? Family & friends is looking for Austin Davis last seen at concert #LasVegasShooting @VegasHockeyPod@DanaLaneNHL

— #SeattleKraken (@smashmode) October 3, 2017

Austin Davis was remembered as “our forever protector” by a loved one. He was a pipe fitter for UA Local 364, The Los Angeles Times reported.

She wrote on Facebook, “29 Austin Davis. 29!!!! You’re too young for this. Ur mom and dad need u. Aubree needs u. Landen needs u. I need u. Everyone needs Austin in their life. Landen loved u SO much and I know you loved him. I can’t get myself to accept this. It’s not ok. Your our forever protector aust. U were my best friend. There wasn’t a hard time in my life that u weren’t there for. Sometimes single handily u would care for me. U made sure I was ok. U always made sure everyone was ok. I love forever. Whose gonna be my casino partner. I’ll never forget getting u hung up on black jack and roulette. That was always our get away. Money on #36. EVERYTIME. ❤️???”

She continued, “I know no one ever didn’t like him. Not for a long time anyway. We had our spars but it was usually cause I didn’t wanna hear his side cause I knew he as right. I knew he was gonna tell me what no one else would or to suck it up and move forward cause that was Austin. He always told u what needed to be said not what u wanted to hear.”

Michael Anderson

GoFundMeMichael Anderson with his children.

Michael Anderson was the father of two small sons. “On October 1st, 2017 we lost Michael Anderson. He left behind his 2.5 year old and 6 month old sons, his girlfriend, parents, and sibling,” wrote a friend on a GoFundMe page established to pay for his funeral costs.

“You were on the sweetest, most genuine men I ever knew,” a friend wrote. Bianca Acosta posted a moving tribute to Anderson on Facebook.

“The thing about my love story with Michael is that it has been ever lasting since the moment we locked eyes. I have been crazy in love with this man since I was fifteen,” she wrote.

“I never felt so much love and adoration. He was everything a woman could want and need in a man. So I held on tight. We fought long and hard to be by each others side. And when we finally came together it was like perfect harmony. Then came our baby boy and I couldn’t believe how much I could love another little person so much that it consumes me. I look into my son’s eyes and see his father. The man that I will never stop loving. There’s no amount of time that’ll surpass my love and hurt for Michael. He was our whole world. And now I simply don’t know how to go on without him. Our worlds have changed completely. Our daily routines, first thing morning kisses and late night cuddles when the kids are off to sleep will live in my soul for the rest of my life. To know that I’ll never have his comforting hands caress me, and strong arms pull my body into his in the middle of the night breaks my heart entirely. Rest in love mi amor, we will always love you.”

Calla Medig, Jasper, Alberta

Details from @journorosa about Calla Medig: promoted manager @ WEM Moxie’s, moved to #yeg 3 yrs ago, 3rd yr attending Las Vegas music fest.

— Rob Williams (@RobWilliamsCTV) October 3, 2017

Calla Medig was one of three Canadians who died in the attack, according to CBC.

Calla Medig.

A friend of Medig told The Toronto Star, “heaven is an even brighter place now that they have you Calla.” Another woman wrote, “When you’re from a small town every person becomes like family. Yesterday we in Jasper lost one of the family. Praying for the Medig family. Calla Medig I have no doubt you are reunited with your big brother Jason.”

Cameron Robinson

Cameron Robinson (right) of St. George was killed in #LasVegas attack. #rememberthevictims #cameronrobinson

— Andrew Reeser (@andrewreeser) October 3, 2017

Robinson worked for the City of Las Vegas. According to the Review Journal, Robinson, 28, “was attending the festival with his boyfriend when he was shot in the neck, his sister Meghan Ervin said.”

According to the newspaper, “Robinson lived in the area of St. George, Utah, but drove to Las Vegas for work…He worked as a legal records specialist for the city.”

@ChrisCuomo Another LV victim not on @CNN list: Cameron Robinson. From the LV area. My daughter went to school w/ him. See FB. Pic on left.

— Gaye Haynes (@ghaynes57) October 3, 2017

He had degrees from both Nevada State College and Western International University, the Review Journal reported.

Bill Wolfe, Jr., Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Bill Wolfe Jr. was a wrestling and Little League coach, The Washington Post reported.

“Wolfe was at the concert with his wife, Robyn, who survived,” according to the newspaper. A friend wrote, “Bill, you gave countless hours to our Shippensburg youth and even sacrificed time with your own children to do so. I think all the other parents would agree with me in saying we are so grateful for the time, effort, and positive leadership you offered our children.”

“On behalf of our family and all Pennsylvanians, our hearts go out to the Wolfe family and the entire Shippensburg community,” wrote the governor.

Dorene Anderson, 49, Anchorage, Alaska

FacebookDorene Anderson with her daughter.

Dorene Anderson was a stay-at-home wife and mother, according to her Facebook page. Friends said her daughters and husband attended the concert with her. “Mama Dorene was the best cheer mom there ever was,” one friend remembered on her daughter’s Facebook page. Anderson was “an Alaska Aces fan and self-described stay-at-home mother who lived in Anchorage,” reported KTUU, quoting a friend as saying, “Dorene was the most beautiful, kind and giving woman I have ever known. She loved her husband and girls with a passion we could never match.”

Another Victim of #LasVegasShooting Identified. #VegasStrong

RIP Dorene Anderson ?

— I Yam What I Yam (@Nvr4Get91101) October 3, 2017

A close friend wrote of Dorene Anderson, “Beyond devistated (sic) for the horrific senseless death of my incredibly beautiful friend??? We were great childhood friends who just reunited a couple months ago in AK. I was so incredibly happy to have her back in my life again. We laughed and made plans to see each other on my bday. I Can’t even imagine what her daughters and husband are going through right now. They were there in Vegas at the concert with her. Please pray for her family!!!! I miss you so much already. Hope I wake up tomorrow and it’s all a big dream. She was a great friend and wonderful mother who loved her family more than anything!!! Love you Dorene Anderson and know someone very special to us both that was there to greet you on the other side.”

Victor Link, 55, San Clemente


Victor Link’s son wrote in a tribute that he could “type for hours saying how great of a man you were.”

“I love you so much Dad. Thank you so much for adopting me. Thank you so much for being the best dad anyone son could ever have. I could type for hours saying how great of a man you were and how everyone loves you so so much. I’m so sorry. I just want to tell you how much I love you and I’m going to do all the things that we talked about but this time I’m actually going to do it! I love you Dad I’m so sorry you had to go, ❤️?❤️?❤️” he wrote.

“This is Uncle Victor, we are deeply devastated by The gaping hole left in our family and in our hearts,” a relative of Victor Link wrote on Facebook. The man who did CPR on Link wrote on the comment thread, saying, “I want to say sorry for your loss…. I know you don’t know me…. But I was the initial person to start CPR on him… We moved him away from the wall and into cover where we could try to bring him back. Once we got him back, we carried him to the med tent…. I’m so sorry ?? I can’t express my feelings in words.”

According to Bakersfield Now,

Link “was living in San Clemente. But, he graduated from Shafter High School in 1980.” He worked at Finance of America, according to posts on Facebook.

A neighbor wrote, “My family has been Victor’s neighbor in Aliso Viejo for many years. We are totally shocked and saddened. Victor was a good friend and a wonderful neighbor. The Link family is in our thoughts and prayers.”

Kelsey Meadows, 27, Taft, California

Please share! Kelsey Brianne Meadows, 27. Missing since shooting in LV. Family is searching hospital to hospital.

Kelsey Meadows was a substitute teacher at Taft High School.

Kelsey Meadows’ brother confirmed her death on Facebook, writing, “My family and I want to take a minute and thank everyone that has been trying to help us locate my sister. So it is with an absolutely shattered heart that I let everyone know that Kelsey did not survive this tragic event. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers as we try and move past this horrible time.”

Wrote one woman on Facebook, “I can’t believe this is real RIP Kelsey or how I knew you Ms Meadows you were always so kind to every student you will be greatly missed you are loved dearly.”

Stacee Etcheber, Novato

Stacee Etcheber

Family searching for Stacee Etcheber of Novato who hasn’t been seen since Mandalay Bay shooting. Was with SFPD husband at concert.


Stacee Etcheber attended the concert with her husband, San Francisco Police Department officer Vinnie Etcheber. He was off duty, but when the shooting broke out, he “urged his wife and their two friends to run while he stayed behind and assisted the wounded,” The Mercury News reports.

Sadly, Stacee, a hairdresser and mother of children ages 13 and 10, did not make it. Her husband spent hours searching for her, according to the newspaper. Her cover photo on Facebook is of the American flag.

Stacee Etcheber.

“It’s with a heavy heart and deep sorrow, Stacee Etcheber has passed away,” the officer’s brother wrote on Facebook. “Please pray for our family during this difficult time. She leaves behind two adoring beautiful children and an amazing husband. Thank you to everyone for all the support in this past few days. We will dearly miss you…….”

A close friend wrote,

“I remember I met you in 2000 at the Sausalito salon and knew after day one we would be best friends. We’ve walked thru a lot of things in our lives including you meeting and commanding your Prince Charming. (Best thing to happen to you). You having your kids, and making the fairytale come true. You never faltered thru the years as a friend and as an amazing person…Everyone who’s knows or ever had contact with you Stacee knew what a genuine person you were.”



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