15 Best long lasting Perfumes for Women

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Any lady would love to smell good, which is why they are out looking for the ideal perfume. However, the challenge comes when you need to find the perfect perfume that suits your preference and personality.

Here are the best long lasting perfume for women.


  1. Chloe New

    This is a great perfume that offers an incredibly fresh fragrance. Even though the scent is light, it can last for about 8 hours. That is long enough to take you through your regular working hours.

    You’d enjoy the well-balanced notes of musk, marigold, narcissus, orange blossom, vanilla, and Plumeria. If you are a romantic lady, this perfume will suit you perfectly. You will love this perfume if you prefer a seductive perfume that lasts for long enough.

    Even though it is best suited for a romantic setting, you can also wear it if you are attending any special evening event.

  2. Gucci Premiere for women.

    This perfume is made by Gucci, and it is one of the fragrances that deliver a sweet, soothing scent. It comes with a unique scent that is very different from most of the women’s perfumes on this list.

    You’d enjoy the top notes of orange blossom and bergamot, which are balanced with the musk and white flowers middle notes. The base notes are wood and leather. So yes, you can be sure of having a unique fragrance that is musky, but still feminine.

    If you are planning to have some intimate moments with your man, make sure you wear this perfume. You can still wear it on your casual days.

  3.  Givenchy’s Very Irrestible

    The name of this perfume speaks for itself. It is a perfume that is perfect for a woman that wants a strong and soothing fragrance. The perfume is seductive, and long-lasting as well. It comes in a long pink glass bottle that will easily get your attention.

    The perfume has a blend of cedar, peony, green accord, jasmine, brown sugar, pink pepper, and mint leaves. You can wear it on your regular days to work, or if you are on a weekend getaway.

  4. Bright Crystal by Versace

    Versace’s Bright Crystal is one of the women’s perfumes that come in a super-elegant packaging. You would also love the perfume’s floral and fresh aquatic scent. This perfume will suit you if you love a classy fragrance, or if you want to attract that special guy.

    It comes with notes of Yuzu, lotus flower, musk, iced accord, vegetal amber, magnolia, and peony. These sweet-smelling notes will assure you of smelling good throughout.

    You should wear this perfume if you are going out for night party or club. Also, it is a good choice for the young ladies under 30. However, it is also a decent perfume to wear when going to work.

  5. Black Opium by YSL 

    The Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent is one of the best perfumes for women. It has a warm and seductive scent that will give you some extra level of self-confidence around men.

    It starts with top notes of coffee accord and sweet vanilla, which are then harmonized by the soothing white flower notes. The base notes include cedarwood and patchouli essence.

    You’ll enjoy wearing this perfume if you prefer a warm fragrance. Typically, it would be a perfect perfume to wear in the winter season.

  6. Christian Dior Jádore

    The J’adore for women by Christian Dior is one perfume that will make you feel sexy and classy as well. It comes with a unique floral scent from rose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang. J’adore by Dior is one of the oldest fragrances, which was introduced in 99. Regardless of that, it is a favorite perfume of many women in the current age.

    If you want a perfume that delivers a sweet floral fragrance, J’adore will suit you perfectly. You can wear the fragrance any time of the day, but it would be perfect to wear if you are going for a night out.

  7.  Jimmy Choo Women’s Perfume

    Jimmy Choo women’s perfume was introduced in 2011, and it is created by the famous designer Jimmy Choo. What makes it many women’s favorite is because it comes with a unique woodsy fragrance that is suitable for any environment.

    It also delivers a slight effervescent scent that is strong and relaxing as well. You’d love the warm and sensual fruity notes that have been blended smoothly.

    You can wear the perfume on your regular work days, or if you are going out on your first date.

  8. Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret

    Victoria’s Secret is a top brand that delivers quality products for women, including perfumes. The Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret is one perfume that comes with an irresistible and charming fragrance. The perfume assures you of a sexy and feminine scent that is appealing to men.

    You’ll notice the distinctive notes of passion fruit, Shangri-la peony, and vanilla orchid. Luckily, it delivers a fantastic fragrance and ranks as one of the cheapest on the list.

    You can wear this perfume on your regular work days, or if you are going for a romantic evening.

  9. Light Blue by D&G

    Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue is one perfume that comes with a woody, floral, and citrusy twist. The Light Blue by D&G offers a soothing fragrance that is quite iconic. Be sure to turn some heads when you wear this perfume.

    This is a great perfume to wear on a summer retreat. It delivers a refreshing and rejuvenating fragrance that would appeal to men too. The feminine fragrance comes with hints of bamboo, white rose, cedarwood, bluebell, jasmine, and apple.

    You can wear it to work, but it would be great if you wear it on a weekend getaway.

  10. Burberry For Women

    Burberry is a top-performing women’s perfume that offers a charming fragrance that lasts longer than most perfumes on the list. The top notes of the perfume are blackcurrant and green apple, which are harmonized perfectly with middle notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, moss, and jasmine. The base notes of vanilla and musk deliver a sweet and refreshing scent.

    You can wear it on any occasion and at any time of the day.

  11. Paris Hilton’s Can Can

    Paris Hilton is one of the celebrities that have ventured into the perfume making business. The Can Can for women by Paris Hilton is a perfume that has been designed with a touch of fruity notes and a blend of woodsy scent.

    The main ingredients include orange blossom, nectarine, cassis, wild orchid, amber, clementine flower, and woods.

    It is a good choice for the young and energetic ladies. For that, this perfume should be worn by the teenage girls, as well as ladies under 25. You can wear it on your regular days or when attending any event.

  12. Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture

    This is a perfect definition of a perfume designed for a woman that loves night parties and clubs. It delivers an appealing floral scent that is fruity and charming as well. The designer wanted to create a perfume that will offer a playful fragrance to the wearer while still maintaining its femininity. It comes in an appealing clear glass bottle that has a nice pink ribbon on the neck.

    If you need a perfume that leaves a remarkable seductive fragrance, Viva La Juicy should be the right choice for you. It is well-blended with notes of amber, creamy vanilla, berries, mandarin, and sweet honeysuckle.

    You can still wear it when you are going to work or on your regular weekend getaways.

  13. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

    With this perfume, you will experience a unique floral fragrance that is seductive and remarkable. The aroma is strong enough, and it can last throughout the day. And yes, the fragrance is perfectly feminine.

    It comes with hints of patchouli, centifolia rose, sambac jasmine, and osmanthus. This combination assures you of a strong floral fragrance that is both seductive and refreshing.

    Wear it if you are going out on a romantic evening, or if you are attending any social event.

  14. Guerlain’s My Insolence

    This perfume offers a soft fragrance that can last for long as well. It is one of the oldest perfumes on the list, and it is blended with top notes of jasmine, raspberry, and almond blossom. The middle notes are tonka bean, vanilla, and patchouli. It comes in a unique bottle with a nicely shaped lid.

    You can wear this perfume on your regular days or if you are going on a weekend outing.

  15. Michael Kors For Women

    This perfume is designed by Michael Kors, and it offers a rich floral fragrance that is well-balanced with some refreshing hints. The tuberose is one of the top notes that gives this perfume its appealing scent. This perfume will appeal to men, and you will enjoy it throughout the day since it lasts for long.

    It has some deep floral notes that are perfect for a romantic setting. However, you may also wear it to work.