20 Trending Heeled Shoes for Women

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Think classy and trashy at the same time, multiple decades blending into one. There are few entirely new looks and many which have been recycled and redone to match the year’s needs and general mood, one which has moved away from the 1970s Western for the most part, but still retains residues, and incorporated the ‘80s and ‘90s a whole lot more, while focusing on the futuristic as well.

It is a season of intriguing creations and the fall generally sets the stage for the coming year, which meant the pointy shoes will be giving way to something more on the rounded square feel we can assume. Platforms, straps, buckles, and lots of texture are all to be expected. It is not only interesting but also quite appealing altogether.

The trending heels shoes to look out for when shopping include:

  1. Shoes with Ankle Straps

    Single straps or multiple, the ankle strap look is huge for the upcoming colder seasons and there is no way not to love the style. It elongates the legs, shows off the ankle, slims out the feet and generally looks amazing. We see the style all over, from the sandals to the d’Orsay looks, the Marc Jacobs Spice Girl shoes to the mock Mary Jane designs seen at Gucci.

    At Lela Rose, the clear with black combination is superb, while the fringed toes add a certain sense of je ne sais quoi to the whole thing. Double ankle straps appear on ballerina shoes with shimmering golden heels at Kate Spade, making the whole thing appear divine, square nose and all. There are a few T-bar d’Orsay pairs as well, including those from Edun that come fitted with socks, looking so very perfect for Easter celebrations over the winter months.

  2. Playing with Platforms

    One of the trending shoes is the use of platforms, often towering extremely high. Those have the Spice Girls effect and appear on the Maison Margiela, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, and Vivienne Westwood runways, among others. There are those where the platform is only at the sole and meant to pull it up in order to balance out with the stiletto heels, such as the stacked version spotted at Oscar de la Renta.

    The platform heels at Nicopanda are certainly something to be enjoying, even if there is no arch support. It does, however, give you height, and that is something we as short people love in a good platform shoe. There are gorgeous platforms with heels to the Opening Ceremony knee-high boots as well, while Alexander Wang’s suede pieces are hardly a look to ignore with the comfortable platform soles.

  3. Shoes with Chunky Heels

    Chunky heels are in! We see a whole lot of different heels on the catwalk as the different Fashion Weeks have rolled on by, but the chunky heels coming back to the stage were not unexpected. We knew it would dominate as well, which it most certainly did. We see the laced-up Western looks at Ralph Lauren, while the chunky look is predominant in general on the Altuzarra, Alexander Wang, Derek Lam, Hugo Boss and Proenza Schouler runways, with quite a few appearing in contrast with the dainty stilettoes at Oscar de la Renta.

    Crisscross straps and a rounded pointy toe is what we get at Tory Burch the femininity of it all offset by the chunkiness of those marble hued heels. Metallic chunky heels, on the other hand, are all Tommy Hilfiger. The most fun to have with chunky heels is to add in the fur, as done at BCBG.

  4. Square Heels

    It does not seem apparent at first, but one of the top fall 2016 shoe trends to be found on the runways is indeed the square heel. Yes, there are stilettos. Yes there are platforms. Yes there are kitten heels and wooden ones, but it is the square look that really sets the stage, whether it is on a simple shoe or a boot or a sandal even. The simple square heel is all you really need as height is not needed for everyone, nor should it be coveted by the tallest.

    The fall/ winter 2016-2017 footwear trends seem to offer something for everyone, no matter height or weight or ability to travel about. There is the crazy and the comfortable, the grunge and the olden all put together to create a set of trends that allows for uniqueness and individuality.

    In terms of the square heels, most of all designers have taken to creating in this style, from the Anna Sui boots of all lengths, including mid-calf and thigh-high designs, to the Boss by Hugo Boss pieces, which excel in the square designs. Jason Wu’s d’Orsay creations in black velvet are not far behind in their extraordinary nature either.

  5. Open Toes

    If the footwear has closed toes, chances are it is pointy. But then again, apparently it is rather normal to be wearing multiple layers and have on some warm tight as well, but keep the toes open. As such, the sandal looks stay in style for the fall and winter seasons, despite the chill, requiring a good long vacation to a really warm country instead.

    Prada comes in with a colorful piece that includes aqua straps, a large golden buckle, and a black body, the only piece of skin shown other than the neck and the hands being the toes.

    Shimmering aspects were added at Alexander McQueen to add to its evening perfection and match with those darling shimmering see-through dresses, while there were some rather interesting open toe combinations, including with socks, at 3.1 Phillip Lim

  6. Suede Shoes

    Lovely camel or beige colors on suede shoes are a personal favorite really, especially when you add on some laces and have the whole thing stop at the ankles, much as is done at Alexander Wang this year. With platform heels, the look is similar to one that existed a few years back as well, with the possibility of a few having kept their old shoes. The differences with my own? The lacing is at the front instead of the side and the toes are pointed instead of square.

    There are suede feet with mesh legs at Diane von Furstenberg, laced up designs with high, chunky heels at Ralph Lauren, and it all comes in red with black leather detailing at Nicopanda with those awesome rounded toes and multi buckled looks. As for some of the loveliest suede pumps on the Fashion Week shows spotted, we would have to say those suede pretty stiletto heeled versions are definitely something to look out for. Anna Sui has a special love for the suede, having it appear on everything from the multiple strapped shoes to the mid-calf booties to the laced up royal designs and so much more.

  7. Reptile Skin Textures

    Textures are a big thing for the fall season all over, especially when it comes to reptile skin lookalikes, appearing all over the runway. We see them with extremely high platforms and multiple buckled straps at Marc Jacobs, in gorgeous pointed-toe ankle boots from Mulberry, with wooden heels and 1970s looks at Ralph Lauren, and snakeskin with steel caps on the toes and an open backing at Proenza Schouler.

    And have you seen Rodarte’s colorful knee-high boots with the ruffled body and sculptured heels? The combination of reptile skins, particularly snake, here are definitely worth every penny. Erdem’s scarlet with black combinations are certainly lovely, while Opening Ceremony’s mules come in silver hues and with kitten heels, the body of it looking like a lizard’s. Add some fur onto snakeskin shoes as crossing bands and heel accents such as that at BCBG, and you have a pair that is simply delectable.

  8. Kitten Heels

    The fall/ winter 2016-2017 shoes appear to bring in massive diversity and extreme opposites. Where the positively high platforms are in, so are the little kitten heels that add just a slight bit of height to the flats and give the arch a bit of support. Marni does this with some truly chic sculptural heeled kitten courts. Kitten heeled mules also appear on the runway, in reptile textures and a silver metallic sheen, courtesy of Opening Ceremony.

    There is something rather adorable about seeing a not so thin kitten heel on a pair of d’Orsay shoes in velvet among the Jason Wu collection actually as well. This style is generally just too cute for words to describe in general and we are glad to see it on our list of the best fall 2016 shoes. And if you want to get artistically chic, there is always the Michael Kors ball-heeled designs that are simply too delectable to pass up, particularly with the shiny pointy toe to the black leather body.

    For those who like to combine huge platforms with kitten heels as well, Vera Wang offers an interesting alternative, open toes, leather bodies, 6-inch platforms and tiny golden heels and all. It is possibly one of the most intriguing looks on the runway shoes for the season. Then again, Vera Wang does have a tendency to excel in fashion combinations. We are curious if this does not destabilize the foot instead.

  9. Wooden Heels

    There are some wooden looks and real wood heels that we see on the runways, ranging from the lovely Marni kitten heels worn over stirrup tights to the mesh leg and suede-foot pointy-toe Diane von Furstenberg Western style boots. The Ralph Lauren over-the-ankle boots are pretty interesting themselves, with the reptile texture and the maroon coloring, the wooden heels and overall comfort feel. Boss has its own range of wooden heels, all in square form and looking quite lovely. They are decidedly gorgeous and well set to look great with just about any ensemble, for day or night.

  10. Over-the-Ankle Boots

    Whether paired with stilettoes or chunky heels, in leather or suede, with embellishments or without, we have seen the over-the-ankle boots as a top contender for its place among the shoe trends, appearing in nearly most collections. Ralph Lauren’s double buckled leather stiletto booties are too chic for words, while Boss brings in 3-inch height, zipper hardware defined black leather booties.

    At Erdem, the reptile-texture boots come over the ankles and look rather lovely in matching colors with the dresses worn, one particular in scarlet and black combinations catching our eyes. There are multiple looks to consider in this style from 3.1 Phillip Lim alone, including dual tones that also include dual textures, sometimes combining the velvet with the leather in intriguing colors that simply look too good to be true.

  11. Mid-Calf Boots

    A trend that was noticed starting from the New York Fashion Week was the mid-calf lengths, which come in handy for the ladies, who want more than an ankle height but soccer calves prevent them from finding a good pair of knee-lengths or even higher reaching. The mid-calf boots also come in some really pretty patterns and strong heels, including the mock leopard print at Michael Kors and the golden Western beauties at Coach, studs and buckles and all. At the end of the day, the mid-calf is the most prominent trend on the runways after the over-the-ankle boots, while the knee-high and thigh-high also reign supreme. Coach is among the many designer houses that seem to side with this top trend.

  12. Gorgeous Evening Pumps

    Pretty shoes are definitely something to fall in love with, whether they are of a satin base or leather, with sculptured heels or simple. From the sequins and crystal encrusted pieces viewed at Oscar de la Renta to the plain beauty of the black Gareth Pugh pumps, this is a look that certainly can be worn any time, so long as the snow is not very deep come winter.

  13. Footwear with Prints

    Whether shoes or boots, there are quite a few pieces that appear with lovely prints on them, often made to match with the clothing worn with it, completing the ensemble. Such is the case with the Burberry fashions where the green, blue and grey color combination is transferred to the over-the-ankle, big buckled boots adorning the feet, creating slightly different patterns on them than those which appear on what is pulled over the body. The mixing of prints is definitely in style unto itself, so it makes sense really.

    Floral prints are rather interesting on the footwear as well, lending to their stylish feminine appeal. Prints can come in all different shapes and sizes and colors, which is where the Altuzarra ones certainly rule, effectively mixing all the right color combinations with the enchantment of wearing evening pumps out. Put perhaps the most intriguing is the Anna Sui creations, where the prints on the shoes match perfectly with the prints on the tights, appearing as if one is walking on air really.

    Checks are a common look in 2016 it appears, whether we are looking at spring and summer or fall and winter. As such, it makes sense that the trend would also appear on the footwear, matching the pants to some degree at Marques’ Almeida, the teal and black combination appearing once again as a color trend. The Altuzarra checked footwear includes a fur based body, a hexagon pattern and a very honeycomb look that is a little out of place from the general tartan checks but very interesting unto itself.

  14. Western Rodeo

    Whereas 2015 was nearly fully about the Western looks, the fall/ winter 2016-2017 shoes have some remnants and they are positively delectable from time to time while remaining plain and comfortable at others. From The Row and its camel hued boots in simple leather to the steel capped Proenza Schouler with the knee-high effects and the chunky dark brown heels to the caramel brown body, Western style shoes appeared quite often on the runway during the recent shows. The looks can also come in mesh, as seen at Diane von Furstenberg, the suede pointy toes helping keep the feet warm while the leg gets breathing room.

    Western is the perfect way to describe the modernized but still retro footwear in gold found on the Coach runway, complete with buckles and studs, made lovelier with some sculptured heels. The loveliest of the Western looks is the ankle boots from Jenny Peckham, which include a velvet body, thicker heel and intriguing stitching leading to something that is truly too good to pass up once it becomes available in stores.

  15. Lace-Up Footwear

    We see a whole lot of the lacing on the clothing as well as the fall 2016 footwear. When it comes to the latter, boots are the more prominent creations using this trend and definitely looking lovely. We thought that the gladiator pieces would be going out of style soon but we were mistaken it appears. With a few updates to the overall looks of the footwear, we can easily say that gladiator boots are here to stay for quite a while longer.

    In the meantime, picking up a black suede rounded pointy-toe pair from Prada should do the trick. Add in some over the ankle laced-up looks and some sneakers with the lacing, the former spotted at Thom Browne and the latter at Nicopanda, and you have some lovely warmer day pieces to wear out while still looking quite casual.

    Casual chic takes on new meaning at Rag & Bone though, where the white merges with black and the golden hardware adds an air of wealth to the style. We see some lovely lacing over the shimmering chunky heeled shoes found at Tommy Hilfiger, adding a touch of feminine grace to the design. As for the touch of medieval royalty to the suede creations, we have to put that all on Anna Sui, laced-up calf-length designs and all.

  16. Sequin Textures on Shoes

    Sequins were huge on the clothing themselves, let alone the fall/ winter 2016-2017 shoes. For the crazier creations with the ruffles and frills and strange collars, the use of colorful sequins on the footwear was not at all abnormal. On the contrary, it matched the clothing textures perfectly at J.W. Anderson.

    Gorgeous pumps with atypical stiletto heels and platforms at the soles appear with sequins added to the nude body on the Oscar de la Renta runway, while we get to enjoy the addition of sequins on multiple pieces throughout. This is a mini trend though and has a hard time competing with some of the more prominent looks on the runways.

  17. Gorgeous Slingbacks

    It might be the colder seasons we are looking at for the footwear trends, but some of the fall 2016 shoes are more meant for the warmer days. This means moving out to Thailand or Malaysia for year round lovely weather… or maybe we’ll settle for Florida, the Caribbean, the United Arab Emirates or somewhere else along those line, where the winters are as warm as the summers in other countries.

    The slingback looks are definitely meant for that, especially when they are as gorgeous as the perfect set of evening shoes from Oscar de la Renta, the ball-studded Michael Kors lovelies, or the snakeskin textured steel-toe slingbacks seen at Proenza Schouler. Things take on a velvet touch in deep diver aqua at Jason Wu, presenting a pair that is more than just hard to resist, but presents a very cutesy feminine touch with that Mary Jane banded bow.

  18. Wild Cat Prints on Shoes

    The textures with the reptile skin are certainly something to be coveted, but it gets even lovelier when you substitute reptile with wildcat. Stylized leopard prints appear on Michael Kors extremely chunky heeled boots, looking pretty awesome unto themselves, while the fun trend is seen at Jeremy Scott with even more aplomb, this time as platform knee-high boots in a bright sky blue with gentle orange hues, the combination making the tiger stripes stand out from the collection.

  19. Studs Big and Small

    A final trend we certainly want to mention is the use of studs on the footwear created for the fall and winter seasons of 2016-2017, from the open back designed booties, like those spotted on the Alexander Wang runway, appearing as silver half balls on white bases, to the French royal shoes from Coach that have a shimmering gold body with darkened silver studding throughout the top half and the heels.

  20. A Masculine Appeal

    A mini trend among the fall/ winter 2016-2017 shoe trends but a top trend for the clothing, the masculine creations are something to look forward to for the chillier months as well, which means some really lovely Calvin Klein loafers as well, laced up on top and shiny in their material. The addition of a slight platform to it adds grunge to it and more of a feminine youthfulness, despite the masculine appeal.

    And then of course there is the whole laced-up boots look that has a rounded pointy toe and ticker sole, effectively combining the masculine with the feminine but leaning rather heavily towards the former genre. Knee-high or mid-calf, with lacing or without, the platforms on the DKNY runway lend to the masculinity along with the simpler designs associated with the brand’s fall fashions of 2016.